Saturday Stitching

To and from the Atlanta Temple today, I made some progress! The May CQJP2016 block now looks like this. Seam 37 is the tiny one in the lower right corner, 38 is the arrowheads and detached chains near the tree, and the bit of feather stitching up top is Seam 39. There’s also Motif 10, the green swirls and leaves. Love that thread, a variegated Sassa Lynne green. Sadly, it was an experimental color and can’t be ordered again. I love it and have used it so often. The tree is more or less finished, and there are flowers at the base now. There are still a few spots left for something. That’s for next week.


Close up of top:


I also finished the pieces for the 4th Hexathon block:


I didn’t have my picture of what I wanted it to look like, so I stopped the piecing and went to work on Emperor’s Wives #2. I can’t remember the last time I did much on this, so it feels good to get a little progress on it. This one is done in 2 strands of DMC floss.


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Hexathon 3: Camelot Star

Linking with Piece Yourself Together at Hibiscus Stitches.

I forgot to post this when I finished! I love it. I’m really enjoying putting these together, though there is a lot of work in some of them. Glue basting really helps with the time.


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Hexathon 4: Box Hill

Linking with Piece Yourself Together at Hibiscus Stitches.

I made a little progress today on Hexathon 4 – this is 3 hours worth of progress. First, I glue basted all the pieces with the Bohin purple temporary glue pen. I really love this product. It goes on easy, it sticks, and it peels off later with no trouble or stretching.


Then I drank some water and tried the next step, turning those into tumbling blocks. I have three done, which is half. This hexathon has 27 pieces, all the 1-1/3″ side 60 degree diamonds. These make six-point stars, so they are called six point diamonds. This time, we aren’t doing stars, though.


Here’s the goal, from Barbara Brackman’s post:


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CQJP2016: Additional Fun – FNSI


Click here to see everyone’s FNSI Activities.

Always fun to add beads, so I added some to Seam 35, though I didn’t finish – a lot of thorns on that limb! I also added some floral buttons and Seam 36, which is the sort of lacey stitching with turquoise beads. It’s amazing how much time all that took! 2 hours, and mostly beading.


I’m also sharing this post on Stitchery Link Party #72 on Super Mom No Cape. 72! Can you believe it’s that many?

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One Lonely Seam

On Tuesday, as I did a Row by Row Shop Hop with a friend, I stitched this in the car. Don’t ask where it came from because I really don’t know. Just doodling. I’m not sure if I’ll add other embellishment stitches or just do beads. I’m thinking maybe beads. This is Seam 35 since January – going a little slowly!


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Hexathon Blocks – EPP Papers

As you know, I’m doing the Hexathon blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Material Culture blog. Those of us who love paper piecing are divided into two groups: those who love making their own paper pieces, and those who would do anything in the world to avoid making their own.

I fall into the latter group! I tried making them for Block 1, and it worked alright, but the paper wasn’t what I’m used to and I didn’t like it. I looked through the Paper Pieces site, and did find some of them, but not all, so I called. They were SO helpful! It turns out they make a lot of pieces which aren’t on the site or in the catalog, and some of the ones they made last year for a particular paper-pieced BOM (Katja Marek’s, I think) fit this perfectly!

So, if you, too are in that second group, and it’s keeping you from making the blocks, let me help! A small package of most of the sizes is all you need, and they don’t all have to be ordered at once. I’ve ordered up through block six, I think.

Here’s the list. You want to order small packages in all cases.

1WestminsterBlock 1: 2-5/16″ Half 6-point diamonds – SKU: H6D 2516 (You will also need the diamonds that match the short sides.) You will have to call about these since they aren’t in the catalog or online. There were 71 pieces in the small bag, but I don’t remember how much that was.

Block 2: 4″ equilateral triangles – SKU: TRI 400 ($3.75 – 25 pieces)

CamelotStar2Block 3: 3 shapes needed, but at least two of them will be used elsewhere also.

  • 1″ jewel – SKU: JWL 100($3.75 – 75 pieces)
  • 1″ hexagons – SKU: HEX 100 ($3.75 – 100 pieces)
  • 2″ 6-point diamonds – SKU: 6DIA 200 ($3.75 – 75 pieces)

Block 4: 1-1/3″ 6-point diamonds – SKU: 6DIA 113 ($5.00 – 75 pieces)

Block 5: 2 shapes needed

  • 4″ half hexagons – HHX 200 ($3.75 – 50 pieces)
  • 2″ hexagons – SKU: HEX 200 ($3.75 – 25 pieces)

Block 6: You’ll need that package of 2-5/16″ Half 6-point diamonds again, from block 1. The entire block is made using those.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten on ordering, but maybe it will help someone who has hesitated to do these blocks. They are pretty straight-forward, even if you haven’t done English Paper Piecing (EPP) before. There are a number of YouTube videos on EPP, but this one by Kimberbell Designs shows the very basic thing quickly. I don’t put nearly as many stitches in my basting of hexagons! And I don’t bend my papers, but it’s a good basic look. Also, if you are eyeballing, eyeball on the large side, not the small side. Less than 1/4″ seam doesn’t do as well.

I also looked up Hillbilly Handiworks, because I like her gluing. I’ve been using that pink Bohin, and it’s GREAT! I took some pieces out yesterday, and it doesn’t distort the fabric at all. The fabric comes right off the paper, unlike the glue stick I tried. I’ll be buying refills and doing more of this because it speeds things up so much! Here’s a starter one of her videos on EPP Essential tools:

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CQJP2016: May Update

Linking with Patchwork With Stitchery. I hope stitching ON my patchwork counts! Photos are clickable to enlarge.

Seam 33: From Carole Samples’ book, page 39. I added the detached chains and the buttons, though. Yellow thread is Valdani 12 cotton. Variegated green is Sassa Lynne.


Seam 34: From Carole Samples’ book, page 128. I added the button. Most of the thread is Sassa Lynne, but the tiny straight stitches are two strands of Cosmo Seasons 8062 variegated.


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Hexathon: Camelot Star Basted

Linking with Piece Yourself Together at Hibiscus Stitches. Linky is on right sidebar.

I think I’m barely managing to stay ten hexagons behind! Someone was using a glue stick to baste, and it’s much faster. I tried a regular glue stick, and I HATED it. It really distorted the seams when I pulled out the papers. Then on an appliqué site, I saw someone using a Bohin temporary glue pen.


The glue is pink and supposedly doesn’t stick so hard. I couldn’t find one in quilt stores in town, but I found one on Amazon from Those are gone now, but you can get it here for a little more:

Amazon. I am not an affiliate.

I did discover today that I can get 5 refills for $18.23. That definitely is a good idea! Even if you pay $30 for the pen and 5 refills, then it’s only $6 each, and that’s half price. Follow my twisted math path?

So, I don’t know if I like it yet, but I’ll know by the time I have finished this square. I mean, I know I like using it, but will I like removing the fabric from the paper? If it really is a temporary glue and the fabric comes up easily, I will like it. If it’s like the regular glue stick, I won’t.

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think? I plan a year of applique next year, and it would be wonderful if this really is a good product. I have hundreds of leaves to finish on one of Fran’s projects, and I’m not likely to do it ever if I have to thread baste them all!

On to the picture, all glue basted and ready to stitch the parts together. First, I’ll stitch this part:


Then I’ll take out the center hexagon and put in the other pieces, so it will look like this:


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CQ Templates

Faye’s Fabric Crafts has crazy quilt stitch templates! I never knew this until I was searching for something else on the internet, you know how that goes. If you, too, didn’t know, then follow the link to see her 4 sets of orange templates. Each one is 4 templates with seam guides on the outside and motifs and other designs on the inside. These are laser cut to be very smooth and each one is 3 in. x 6 in. Here’s an example, set D, taken from her site.


Each set is unique, and I think they’d be very useful, especially if one doesn’t have the Carole Samples template set. It is $30 for each set, or if you buy all 4 sets at once, this page mentions they have a special limited time offer (so check to be sure it’s still going on) of two stands to hold the 16 templates.

You can find videos using the templates by starting at Video #1 on YouTube. Video #1 is an overview of the templates, designs using them, and has only music. At the end, it should automatically go to Video #2, etc. Video #3 has some really interesting design elements combined and very pretty curvy seam treatments. There’s a lot for a novice to learn from these five videos, but I did enjoy watching how Faye does things, too.

This review was not requested by the company, nor was I compensated in any way for giving it. I simply found something exciting and am sharing it. As I acquire these sets, I’ll share when I use one for a seam on my blocks.

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CQJP2016: May Block Progress – FNSI

Linky for everyone’s Friday night stitching – click the button.


Yay, for progress! A little, anyway. It takes me forever to decide what needs to be stitched. I have two major resources, and then some smaller ones. You won’t find Judith Mantano books on my list. I think I even gave away the copy of one that I had. They are alright, but I never found them very helpful or useful.

Instead, my two go-to books for regular crazy quilt stitching are: 1)the Carole Samples book, Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches. This is a history and library of stitches. It doesn’t devote much space to showing how to do stitches. Several of my friends and I worked with Carole online in a yahoo group, making a stitch book from these drawings, however. I used Aida cloth, and learned a lot about stitching, even though I was already an experienced crazy quilter. I hadn’t used an even weave like that before.

Book+Cover+3If you like using even weave, Pam Kellogg has at least three books on using waste canvas with dozens of beautiful seam treatments. I linked to her instruction book page, which also has the quarterly Crazy Quilt Magazine. On her resource list, you can find everything needed for crazy quilting, AND a resource of blogs to check out. Pam’s background is in cross stitch, and she still designs XS for magazines, but I think her CQ is absolutely gorgeous and you can spend hours on her blog.

I wish AQS would keep Carole’s book in print, but we had to really FIGHT to get it reprinted once, and I doubt they will ever do it again. It’s the real must-have, in my opinion, and a definitive work for crazy quilt stitches. If I only had one book, this would be the one. To find a used one that’s affordable is almost impossible. I’ve linked to the Amazon used page, where there are four in the $45-$50 range, plus postage. These days, that’s a bargain for this book.

2) My second choice would be the Dorothy Bond book, probably self-published, printed in 1981, called Crazy Quilt Stitches. The Amazon link shows several in the $34-$40 range. This is a much smaller book, no instructions, just drawings, but a great idea book.

I am not an Amazon affiliate, so I get nothing if you buy, but I thought I’d make my readers aware of these two books, and Pam’s methods, since I don’t talk about them much. I don’t get a kick-back from Pam, either. 1f600

Seam 31: Inspired by a drawing on page 119 of the Carole Samples book.


Seam 32: Just something I like to do with feather stitches. Feather is my favorite stitch and I struggle not to use it on every seam. =) This one is randomly stitched. There will be beads later.


That represents more time that you care to think about, but a thing worth doing is worth doing. LOL

Here’s the whole block, so far, with the bottom cut off, ’cause there’s nothing down there anyway.


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